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In the rice industry, the degree of attention, care and involvement in processing separates men from chaff. In our Mills, boiling the paddy with online controls under controlled pressure, we ensure that the paddy is uniformly cooked in all the batches. The cooked paddy is dried through the Dryer, utilising the latest technology to obtain uniform moisture in the cooked paddy, to be milled. At this stage, the husk is removed without disturbing the grain structure and polished using the process developed by Buhler Technologies of USA.

Grading and sorting of rice is carried out in Colour Sorters, imported from Italy, to remove coloured rice and secure moisture free rice of uniform size. Automated packing machines are used to pack the rice in desired bags or pouches. Experienced personnel trained by the machine manufacturers in operating the machineries secure us that all the processes are carried out under ideal conditions for securing the maximum benefits. Quality control personnel check the paddy and rice in each stage to clinch us that the rice packed for our consumers are the best. The attention, care, and love we have put in is, perhaps, no less than those put in by your mother and wife cooking for you.


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